Hades dogs name

hades dogs name

In Greek mythology, Cerberus often called the "hound of Hades ", is the monstrous multi-headed In art Cerberus is most commonly depicted with two dog heads (visible), never more than three, but occasionally with only one. BC, perhaps took its name from the association of its site with Heracles' Cerberian exploit. ‎ Descriptions · ‎ The Twelfth Labour of Heracles · ‎ Principal sources · ‎ Iconography. Cerberus was the monstrous dog, guardian of the Hades. The name “Cerberus ” is a Latinised version of the Greek Kerberos (pronounced as Kerveros. Scarecrow said, “One of the other champions told me that dog is the best of Hades's warriors. Name's Cerberus, just like Hades's dog in all the Greek myths.

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